Rich results on Google's SERP when searching 'Black Friday Sales'

3 Ways to Boost Your Black Friday Sale Results

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching 'Black Friday Sales'

As we head into the second week of November, plenty of Black Friday sales already underway – days before the main event. Black Friday is on 27th November this year and Cyber Monday follows just after on 30th November.

To most, it seems the world stopped this year because of the pandemic…

Businesses were put on hold… had a pause… 

The good news is… the US economy has recovered well and did not dip as low as the experts said it would. That means Black Friday and Cyber Monday have the potential to be a major event for your business!

Ask whoever you want – online retailers, online stores, online coaches, course creators, and small businesses; and they will tell you they are crazy about Black Friday sale. It’s that time of year that brings in the extra sales and a spike in revenue — and it can make or break their year.

And guess what…. It can do the same for you!

Your Βlack Friday Sale Is The Biggest Shopping Event Of The Year!

Whatever you sell online, Black Friday is the best excuse to run a big sale. It is a perfect opportunity to sell it to your target audience.

If you do it right, you could get record sales for your business. 

I have one client that had a track record of doing about $10,000 in Black Friday sales…

By implementing the QueueSimple Black Friday Strategy from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, they did 10 times their best — over $100,000 in sales.

How can you take advantage of the Black Friday sale and maximize your profit until Cyber Monday?

Here are the components to the QueueSimple Black Friday Sale that CRUSH it.


1. Limited-Time SCARCITY offer

Create scarcity and a sense of urgency while reinforcing FOMO (fear of missing out) using offers that are only available for the duration of the Black Friday sale. 

Deal hunters are always on the lookout for these.

Limited time offers are powerful for creating a sense of urgency… if you want to turn up the tension, scarcity extends far beyond the realm of limited time.

This type of offer can be a Limited Release, Collectors Edition, Signed-and-Numbered Copy of one of your products. It could also be a limited Bundle offer.

Which products does your market love? Can you make them Limited in some way? Can you create a unique, high-value bundle? How can you add a seasonal offer? Or a seasonal bonus?

If you have a service business, you could offer a special, discounted rate to your most loyal customers… for a limited number of customers. 

Or if you have limited slots for your coaching program, sweeten the deal with a gift… or raffle a high-value product or service. 


2. Launch Or Pre-Sell A New Product 

Black Friday offers the best opportunity to introduce a new course or a product.

You can sell it outright… or pre-sell it if it’s not quite ready for launch. 

Event tickets are a great item to pre-sell.

You can sweeten the deal with some kind of bonus. The bonus can be just about anything as long as it’s something your audience wants and surely this will increase your Black Friday sales.


3. Give “Early Access” To The Sale

You can “Pre-Sell” your sale up to 2 weeks before by allowing your audience to join your “Early Bird” list. To your audience, this appears to be a waiting list — The reality is, they are making a soft commitment to buy when your Black Friday sale goes live. 

This technique is in line with the Commitment and Consistency principle discussed in 1 Simple Tweak to Get Even More Sales… Faster.

This is subtle, and the members of your Early Bird won’t realize they’ve made a soft commitment to buy. 

You can invite them to sign up on the Early Bird list from the benefit angle of giving them access to the sale before everyone else, additional discounts, additional perks, tickets into a raffle to win a prize, and anything else you can imagine.

Most of your Black Friday sales are likely to come from your Early Bird list. In fact, with the client we did $100,000 in sales, 90% of the sales came from this waiting list I’m talking about.

The Framework In A Nutshell Is… 

Get a soft commitment from your subscribers to buy before the event, and then create anticipation for the hottest deal of the year.

Have you implemented your Black Friday Sale strategies in the past? How did it go?

What other strategies can you suggest?

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Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "Black Friday strategy"