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Then Repeat Customers...

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What We Do...

QueueSimple is a different kind of digital marketing company. For that reason, it’s easier to tell you what we do by starting with what we DON’T do.

No… We don’t do Facebook ads… We don’t do Google ads. In fact, we don’t do any paid ads.

We don’t do SEO…

And, we don’t do social media, content marketing, nor sales training, either.

The fancy way to say it is “Lead and Sales Conversion Optimization,” however we prefer to keep it simple and conversational. 

In other words, we help you “get the number,” “set the date,” and then get the “second date.” (In a business sense.)

How We Do It...

The ULTIMATE Lead Generation Blueprint is the foundation of our process.  It helps motivate your stale leads, tire-kickers, and even NEW visitors to get in the mood to get into bed with you (in a business sense)…

… whether your aim is for your prospect to schedule a sales call, make an introductory sale, or buy your flagship offer. 

More about this in a moment.

QueueSimple's Approach...

Using traffic you are already getting, we fill in the gaps, and plug the holes to optimize your Lead and Sales conversion system.

It doesn’t matter if people who view your homepage, attend your event or webinar, follow you on social media, or visit your online store… 

The result is an increase in consistency, predictably, and profitably lead and sales conversion

We do it in a way which builds a relationship with your prospect at every step of their customer or client journey. 

Plus… demonstrates high value to your prospect, and establish you as an authority in the marketplace… so you always stand out ahead of your competition. 

All the while embedding multiple micro commitments and touch points (in a business sense) to increase your prospect’s desire for your products and services.  

The best part is… When you want to scale, fill your pipeline with more pre-qualified leads… 

And … When you’re overloaded with fulfillment, you can dial it back so you can deliver your best.  

Why It Matters To You...

Listen — Here’s the hard truth:

As you try to grow and scale your business, if you do not have an optimized lead generation and sales conversion system that consistently and predictably turns a “just browsing” into a prospect-in-heat begging you to “just take my money”, your business will stagnate… at best. 

At worst…?

You continue to leave all that money on the table as you struggle to scale, and scrape by working with clients who haggle over paying you a fraction of what you’re worth. 

Then… as the stress and overwhelm build, keep you up at night, and infect every aspect of your life as you head toward the precipice… 

… total business failure and collapse.  In shame you retreat to your mama’s basement… smothered in Cheetos dust as your priorities shift to smashing a high score at Grand Theft Auto and binge watching cat videos on YouTube.  

Is that what you want?  A life of Cheetos, Grand Theft Auto, and cat videos?

I didn’t think so.

You’re better than that. You have a mission. You have lives to impact, and people to help. 

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QueueSimple's Results...

Here’s a cross-section of our results…

  • Increase an e-commerce store’s revenue a staggering 23x in 6-months,

  • Generate 30-days worth of sales (at full price) to an audience who had already seen the offer several times… in just 4-days. That’s a 1200% spike in average daily sales,

  • Sell 260% MORE books in 11 days than the previous 3 YEARS combined… AND… Increase average cart value 340% at the same time.

  • Develop an easy, scalable, automated process to add new members to his client’s monthly membership program… and raise a cool $15,000 every time he deploys it… WITHOUT ADDING NEW OFFERS!

  • And much, much more!

Now… You are ready to turn even more strangers into customers… and then repeat customers… using the traffic you are already getting… 

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Who QueueSimple Is NOT For...

I’m afraid we can’t help everyone off the street, and it wouldn’t be honest of us to claim we can.

 We are NOT your solution if you…

  • Are interested in “Get Rich Quick,”

  • Are just starting out,

  • Do not have existing offers,

  • Are working in a multi-level marketing business,

  • Are not willing to step (slightly) outside your comfort zone, and

  • Do not have a good reputation.

If that’s you — no apologies — we cannot help you. 

On the other hand… 

Who QueueSimple is For...

Every business is different.  That’s why we prefer to connect with you to find out how and if we can help you BEFORE making commitments.

With that said, here are the characteristics of our most successful client relationships…

  • You have traffic.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of traffic as long as it is qualified traffic. 

  • You are making some sales already.  It doesn’t have to be a ton of sales… some is better than none. 

  • You have a great product, and it helps people.

  • You have a good reputation. 

  • You are willing to step (slightly) outside your comfort zone as long as the opportunity is there to get a favorable result. 

  • You follow directions (It’s a MUST). Nothing weird or creepy, you just can’t get results if you don’t actually implement.

Here's What To Do Next...

You’re here now, you’re reading this page, and by now, you’re thinking, “That’s me!” … It makes sense for us to get to know each other better (in a business sense).

First, you will need to schedule your initial call.  This call is where we get a feel for each other – to make sure we’re a good match.  

I’ll ask you some questions to find out more about you and your business.  Then, if I think we can help, I’ll tell you how we can help. 

You’ll be able to ask any questions you want, and in the end, you can tell me if it makes sense.  

If you’re ready to turn even more strangers into customers… and then repeat customers… using the traffic you are already getting…

Meet Simple Simon And Jon Marino

We believe you don’t need complex, complicated, fancy funnels to have a successful business.  

In fact, the most simple solution is often the most elegant.  That’s why Simon is the face of QueueSimple. 

Jon Marino is a recovering engineer, and the founder and CEO of QueueSimple.

Jon and his team have been helping coaches, consultants, e-commerce owners, and service based businesses grow since 2014.

Will yours be next?

When People Talk About QueueSimple
and Jon Marino, They Say...

Introducing: The ULTIMATE Lead Generation Blueprint

It doesn’t matter if your price points are sky high… or at an introductory level.

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Looking back to this time last year, those business plans for 2020 went into scrap during the first quarter.  Let’s face it,

As we head into the second week of November, plenty of Black Friday sales already underway – days before the main event.

Are you looking to get even more sales? You are creating content online, and it’s not converting into customers and clients, is



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