Our solo-entrepreneur and small business owner clients know how to ...

Turn Strangers Into Customers

Everybody knows it takes up to 7 encounters and micro-commintments to effectively turn a stranger into your customer

It does’t matter if your price points are sky high… or at an introductory level…

The ULTIMATE Lead Generation Blueprint is the core … the foundation… of business growth because it turns a “lookie-loo” into a prospect ready to hand over their cash in exchange for your product or service.

What We Believe
About Your Content...

You work hard in your business to write blogs, produce video, and develop your social media presence …

Whether it’s your full time business, your side-hustle, your passion, or you are just having fun… you put your heart and soul on the line … you invest your time and energy to come up with the perfect content.

And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be compensated so you can continue to produce even more great content, reach an even bigger audience… and fulfill the reason you got into business in the first place — To get your proverbial ‘pot of gold’.

What if you could use your content to amplify your impact, drive sales, and get to that ‘pot of gold’ even faster and easier … even if you don’t have a product of your own?

The good news is… You can! We call it AMP…

AMP Your Impact and Profit!

3 “Must Haves” for Content Creators


An enthusiastic audience united by common interest… or common enemy.


A consistent, well-crafted message forms a bond with your audience.


A product that solves a problem or improves the quality of your audience’s life.

Here's How AMP Works...

Your audience is out there. They’re looking for interesting, and compelling content to enhance their life.

Because your message aligns with them, they become engaged with your content.

Your content serves to educate, inform, and create an overall improvement in the life of each person in your audience. You are providing a service to enhance the life of each individual in your audience.

Done the right way, your content can be used to generate leads, drive sales, and increase your revenue… even if you don’t own any products of your own… yet.

Meet Jon Marino

Jon Marino is the founder and CEO of QueueSimple, and the creator of AMP — a strategy to monetize content. AMP’s focus is on audience attraction, relationship development, and product introduction in a way that enriches the lives of the audience.

Jon’s strategies and campaigns have been used to grow his client’s businesses a staggering 23 times in 6-months, generate a month’s worth of sales in 4-days, and turn YouTube videos into revenue generators without YouTube monetization.

QueueSimple was built from the ground up to help content creators do what they love to do best… create great content for their audience.

When People Talk About QueueSimple
and Jon Marino, They Say...


Marketing is complicated, more so than ever. Let’s face it, marketing is complicated.  There’s Facebook, Google, Instagram, email, landing pages, retargeting, SEO,

Are you doing market research for your product or service? Need it done fast, and don’t know where to start? Wouldn’t it

We get tons of questions every week at Office Hours about blogging and content marketing. That’s why we compiled a list of





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