[HOT SEAT] How To Get Even More Pre-Qualified Leads & High Paying Customers

If you’d like to get even more pre-qualified leads from the traffic that’s already coming to your site… And if you’d like to know how to convert those leads into high paying customers that pay you even more than you’re getting paid right now…

… then this is a hot seat that you don’t want to miss.

In this Hot Seat, you will learn:

  • How to come up with the BEST asset to attract Pre-Qualified leads with cash in-hand ready to become your high paying customer.
  • Are you ready to get paid even more… while charging the same amount for your product or service?  Click ‘Play’!
  • A sneaky little time-saving trick you can use to test how a change will look on your page… without actually making the change.
  • Your customer gets 75% off while you get paid FULL PRICE — I’ll show you how in this HotSeat.
  • What to do if you are still begging visitors to ‘join your newsletter’.
  • How to use your competitor’s prices against them to get even more high paying customers.

This Hot Seat to get even more pre-qualified leads is from QueueSimple’s Office Hours. QueueSimple’s Office Hours is an opportunity for you to ask me anything marketing related.

It’s every Thursday, there’s no charge.

You can get your invitation at https://QueueSimple.com/Gold.

If you’d like to know why it’s “gold”, I’ll let you know how you can find out in the first few seconds of this video.  Scroll up and press “Play” on the video to see this Hot Seat in action.