Need Market Research Done Fast? Let Jeff Bezos Get You Started in 7 Steps… For Free!

Are you doing market research for your product or service? Need it done fast, and don’t know where to start?

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What I am about to reveal to you what might be the most overlooked and obvious place to look… and when you know about it, you won’t think of market research in the same way ever again.

After I reveal it, I am going to show you how I use it.

This works for well for content creators who have an e-commerce store of their own, promote affiliate products, or provide a high-end service like design or consulting.

The place to look? Amazon.com

I am advocating the use of this method to gather intelligence… not to plagiarize, copy, or rip anything off.

With that said…

There are 7 key Market Research Hot Spots that sell the product. You can use these things to gather information about your market.  If you are selling

What Are The 7 Market Research Hot Spots?

1.) The Cover
2.) The Table of Contents
3.) The Back Cover
4.) The Similar Items
5.) The Amazon Listing Summary
6.) The Questions
7.) The Reviews

Here’s how it works.

First, look at the bestselling books in your category to see what’s selling best in your niche. Pay attention to buzz words that will resonate with your market. Make a list of the book titles and links to the sales page.

Next, start at the top and visit the sales page for book number 1.

Look at the copy on the cover. The title and subtitle are headlines that you can pull from.

Next, “Look Inside” to see the Table of Contents for ideas of things you might want to talk about. You can use these ideas in all forms of your marketing. From your articles and social media posts to your lead generation pieces. From your email campaigns to your low-dollar, and even high-dollar offers.

Click on the image of the back cover. The back cover might have bullet points. These bullet points touch on the problems your market is facing, and the benefits the reader will get. You can speak to these in your marketing.

Now, visit the listing summary copy.  Here you can find all kinds of copy nuggets that you can use to find out what resonates with your market.

Next, compare this item with similar items.  It could provide insight about another listing you want to use in your research.

The Question section can provide valuable insight about what your market is thinking BEFORE they make their purchase.  Read through several Questions, and see the responses.  Both the questions and the responses can reveal patterns of copy you might want to swipe.  You are also getting into the mindset of the customer before they make their purchase decision.

Finally, scroll down and read the reviews. Read as many as you can from all different types of ratings. This is where you can hear directly from your market what they liked, what they learned, what they loved about the content and what they hated. Take what works, and make it better… address the concerns your market brings up and resolve them.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Repeat this for all the books on your list. When you finish this market research, you will understand of who your market is.  Above all , you will know what problems and challenges they’re facing, how the speak to them, and much, much more.