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Generation Blueprint

When most businesses drive traffic to their site, they miss opportunities to transform even more visitors to leads and customers.  

Whether you invest money in ads, time in SEO or content creation, or both… missed opportunities cost you money. 

The ULTIMATE Lead Generation Blueprint is an optimized approach to turn even more strangers into leads, then customers, then repeat customers… With the traffic you already get!… 

It doesn’t matter if your price points are sky high… or at an introductory level.

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QueueSimple's Results...

While your results will vary, here is a cross-section of the results we’ve got for our clients …

  • Increase an e-commerce store’s revenue a staggering 23x in 6-months,
  • Generate 30-days worth of sales (at full price) to an audience who had already seen the offer several times… in just 4-days. That’s a 1200% spike in average daily sales,
  • Sell 260% MORE books in 11 days than the previous 3 YEARS combined… AND… Increase average cart value 340% at the same time. 
  • Develop an easy, scalable, automated process to add new members to his client’s monthly membership program… and raise a cool $15,000 every time he deploys it… WITHOUT ADDING NEW OFFERS!
  • And much, much more!

Now… If you want help turning even more strangers into customers… and then repeat customers… using the traffic you already get… 

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How We Get Results...

The ULTIMATE Lead Generation Blueprint is at the core of our process.  It helps motivate your stale leads, tire-kickers, and even NEW visitors to get in the mood to get into bed with you (in a business sense).

Whether your aim is get even more sales calls, make an introductory sale, or sell your flagship offer…

…Our process helps you turn strangers into customers, then repeat customers… with traffic you already get!

Meet Simple Simon And Jon Marino

We believe you don’t need complex, complicated, fancy funnels to have a successful business.  In fact, optimization of your existing process is often the most elegant solution. 

We believe in simple solutions, and that’s why Simple Simon is the face of QueueSimple. That’s him waving over Jon’s shoulder. 

Jon Marino is a recovering civil engineer, and the founder and CEO of QueueSimple.

Since 2014, Jon and his team have been helping coaches, consultants, e-commerce owners, and service based businesses grow through marketing and sales process optimization, and more!

Will yours be next?