Done right, your content can be used to generate leads, drive sales, and increase your revenue.

QueueSimple’s plan is … well … simple.  

Here’s The Formula

Engaging content + Email subscribers + Product and service promotion  


Increased audience engagement + Increased revenue + Increased impact + Increased opportunity

When you produce engaging content, QueueSimple goes to work turning your content into revenue, impact, and opportunity. 

  1. First, your blog gets built or optimized to maintain ease of content consumption, maximum revenue generation, and lead generation.

  2. Next, we publish the content you are already creating to your optimized blog for you. 

  3. Finally, your subscribers get a newsletter inviting them to consume your content on your optimized blog. 
It’s A Time Tested Plan Shown To…
  • Increase your impact and visibility on your own platform.  
  • Positions you as an authority in your niche. 
  • Helps you serve your subscribers by promoting products and services that are pre-vetted by you … and valuable to them.  
  • Generate revenue for you when a sale is made through your site.
  • Build your email subscriber list. Your email subscriber list is an important component to your plan.  It’s your connection point to your readers… in one of the most private places in their life — their inbox. 

    In the best scenario, social media platforms have the ability to artificially reduce the number of people in your audience who can see your content.   Worst case, they can shut down your account, and prevent you from contacting subscribers who want to consume your content. 

On the other hand, a properly maintained email list can be used to contact your subscribers regardless of the email service provider.  You can also use your email list to generate audiences for paid traffic. Back-ups of your list can be created to ensure you can take your list to another service in the future. 

Here’s What You Get
  • Your blog optimized for revenue and list building, you create your content.
  • QueueSimple posts your content to your site as a blog post.
  • Then QueueSimple crafts an engaging Newsletter to your subscribers in your voice.  In the newsletter, your subscribers are invited to consume your new blog post.
  • When your subscribers read your email and visit your blog, offers are made in a non-intrusive way via the written word and image ads.
  • QueueSimple’s expert email optimization for subscriber engagement and revenue generation.
  • QueueSimple supports the RedPill Living affiliate program directly so your subscribers are always in touch with the latest promotion or sale on RedPillLiving.com
  • Newsletters are emailed 3-4 per week to coincide with your content publication.
  • QueueSimple’s campaign, email sequence, email marketing, and overall online marketing experience from people who actually do the marketing for their clients each and every day.
  • As a special bonus, you also get a Welcome Campaign.  This Welcome Campaign is designed, built, and copywritten to set expectations and create a strong bond between you and your subscriber.

    This helps LOCK people into your email communications — almost no one out there is doing this… and your subscribers will thank you for it. 

To schedule a 30-minute strategy and planning call to see how (and if) QueueSimple can work for you, Click Here Now >>

On our call, I will ask you some questions about your business.  I’ll find out your objective, learn more about your content, and come up with a plan to monetize your content in such a way that you pay QueueSimple LESS than your increase in revenue.  

Then one of three things will happen…  

  1. You love the plan and decide to implement it on your own. If you go this direction, I will wish you the best of luck and ask you to let me know how your plan works for you.

  2. You love the plan & ask me to personally help you implement and profit from it immediately. This is how we win together.

    My top clients love high quality work that makes them money.

  3. In the unlikely case you don’t like the plan, you will quickly be able to move on to the next thing… and it only took you 15-minutes of time to find out it’s not a good fit. 

There’s no catch … no bait and switch … We don’t have time for that because we’ve got clients to serve.  

If you’re ready to monetize your content, click here now and schedule your 30-minute strategy and planning call now >>